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Although it may seem more simple than it is, my solution to combat deforestation is the complete opposite; REFORESTATION. Supposedly there are many regulations for industries when they want to cut down trees for resources and they are obligated to plant trees in the spot where they cleared land. However, corporations are not held accountable with these regulations as they only plant a few trees and leave. I believe the government should set stricter laws to hold corporations accountable when complete care is not put into taking care of forests. 

Having laws that are actually followed could mean the difference between ecosystems being destroyed or the same ecosystems thriving. The Cost will not be that high because there are many community service programs which are working hard right now to preserve our forests. 

Trees take a long time to grow to their mature state, and can outlive humans, so why are there not stricter reforestation laws.


Johnston Ridge Observatory | US Forest Service,


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