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Water and Air as Energy: Is it a Myth?


My solution for Fossil Fuel energy sounds like science fiction but it is more possible then you might think. Energy from Water can be achieved if you separate hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms, which produce energy that can fuel cars. Toyota is currently designing a car which will only exhaust water out of the pipe. This solution could be ingenious because it would change history forever. A car that runs on water and air could decrease greenhouse emissions by a land slide, further conserve ecosystems, decrease acid rain, and pollution to the air. 

Although this is very costly, it would in turn save the planet in a major way. The starting cost of the Toyota Mirai is $84, 637.15.


Guy Walters for the Daily Mail. “Toyota Mirai: The Car That Runs on FRESH AIR and Only Water Comes out Exhaust.” Daily Mail Online, Associated Newspapers, 9 May 2015,

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