The Developmental Clinical Neuropsychology Across the Lifespan (DNP-ATL) Lab at Georgia State University is headed by Dr. Tricia Z. King.  We study the impact of neurodevelopmental disruption on cognitive and adaptive outcomes from a lifespan perspective. In doing so, we utilize a variety of neuroimaging and neuropsychological testing methods to better understand the relationships between brain structure/function and cognitive and behavioral factors. We investigate both neurologically and culturally diverse populations’ neuropsychological functioning within a culturally sensitive framework. We are lucky to be positioned in downtown Atlanta, Georgia where lab members, collaborators, and participants come from highly diverse backgrounds, each with unique perspectives.

Our lab has studied adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood brain tumors, congenital heart disease, a substantial sample of healthy participants, and others. Students in the lab develop neuropsychological assessment skills, brain imaging analyses, and research projects during their time in the program. See our lab video below for more information.

Thank you for your interest in our lab! Please look around the site to learn more about our team and its research.

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