New King Lab Publication

Congratulations to Olivia Haller for her recent offical publication in The Clinical Neuropsychologist. Olivia’s paper, entitled “Concordance of informant and self-reported ratings on the Frontal Systems Behavior Scale in adult survivors of pediatric brain tumor” explores discrepencies in ratings of exectutive functions between adult survivors of pediatric brain tumor and their family members.

New King Lab Publication!

Congratulations to Milu Parrilla and Rella Kautiainen for their recent publication in Applied Neuropsychology: Adult entitled “Sleep quality and executive function in a diverse sample of healthy young adults.” This paper identifies several relationships between sleep and informant-identified cognitive functioning in college students. You can find the paper here. Way to go Milu and Rella!

Lots to Celebrate at PURC!

Congratulations to our talented and hard-working undergraduate students who presented at the year’s GSU Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference! All of our students received many compliments for their advanced research projects and we are so happy to see them thrive. A special congratulations to Allison Lipstein as she won Best Overall and the Neuroscience award for her poster.

New King Lab Publication

Congratulations to Olivia Haller on her new publication in the Journal of Psychiatric Research entitled “White matter predictors of PTSD: Testing different machine learning models in a sample of Black American women.” This study tested the relationship between white matter microstructural integrity and PTSD diagnosis. Findings revealed improved classification when estimates of exposure to structural and interpersonal racism were added to models, highlighting how the relationship between neuroanatomical indices and PTSD may be nuanced across race and gender spectrums. Check out the article here!

New King Lab Publication

Congratulations to Stephanie Steinberg on her new publication in Neuropsychology Review entitled “Within‑Individual BOLD Signal Variability and its Implications for Task‑Based Cognition: A Systematic Review” This publication represents a culmination of Stephanie’s research at GSU. Way to go Stephanie! Check out the article here!