Digital Built Environment Description: Central Atlanta Progress and Atlanta Downtown Improvement District

logo@2xThe official homepage for Central Atlanta Progress and Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (CAP/ADID) can be found with the link: Working side by side, CAP and ADID are committed to creating a thriving Downtown Atlanta community for all of its property owners, employees, residents, students and visitors. The work of CAP and ADID includes a broad range of innovative programs and public-private partnerships focused on the economic development, the physical environment and the marketing of Downtown Atlanta.

Upon visiting the site, visitors can see that the homepage is pretty straightforward with it organization, where each section is categorized into its own box laid out across the webpage. The first thing that draws the visitors attention would be the circulating pictures with links to further information, positioned at the center frame of the website. The pictures that are in repeat circulation shows images of vibrant popular Downtown Atlanta locations with its people and the organizations that reside within its city. Next to this are links to their social media networks and information about CAP/ADID and what the organization does. The CAP/ADID’s homepage also provides a quick overview of information about news, upcoming events, and a blog relating to Downtown Atlanta. For more in-depth information on events coming to Downtown Atlanta visitors can click on the link Events, same thing goes for Downtown Atlanta News and Blog.

The website is notably simplistic and easy when it comes to navigation. On the top of the homepage are six colorful tabs clearly labeled categorizing the central information of the website. Each tab drops down, when visitors hover their mouse over them which further breaks down that tabs category into further topics. Plus the tabs are always on the top of the website, so that the visitors can access them on whatever webpage they are on. The first tab on the website is Plans & Initiatives, this page lists all the current innovative programs that the CAP/ADID are working on. Visitors can click on the title of the programs to be linked to more information on how the program is helping Downtown Atlanta’s development. The second tab is Have Fun, this page showcases all the recreational attractions around Downtown Atlanta in a categorize list of links. The links are organized in categories such as, architecture, dining, hotels, parks, shopping, sports, and walking tours. Each link directs to a webpage that gives places relating to that topic and even pins it on a map for you. This page was clearly aimed at tourist looking for a fun places to visit in Downtown Atlanta. The third and fourth tabs are Live Here and Do Business. The Live Here tab gives reasons on why visitors of this site should live in Downtown Atlanta, giving links to residential profiles, Downtown neighborhoods, school and daycare info. The Do Business tab explains the goals of CAP/ADID in terms of economic development within Downtown Atlanta. The fifth tab is Be Green, this page describes the sustainability program of CAP/ADID named Downtowns Green Source. This webpage is committed to showing the implementations and support the CAP/ADID are doing to promote a sustainable Downtown Atlanta. Links are listed to provide more information on sustainable transportation, waste diversion, water conservation and green spaces. The last tab is Membership, this page tries to convince visitors to join and become a member of Central Atlanta Progress (CAP). This webpage gives reason on why some should become a member and how; also it showcases all the organizations that are current members on the side of the webpage.

The Central Atlanta Progress and Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (CAP/ADID) is a website that tries exhibit how life is in Downtown Atlanta and the organization that keeps it thriving. Although the website design itself is kind of bland and monotoned, it makes up for it with its vibrant colorful pictures of Downtown Atlanta location and people with accurate and insightful information about the city locations and the organization that keeps it running smoothly.

Digital Built Environment: Digital Record 6

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When clicking on the Be Green tab on the homepage, the website directs you to this webpage on sustainability. The webpage introduces Downtown Green Source, the sustainability program of Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (CAP/ADID). There are links to different initiatives in promoting Downtown Atlanta to become more economic and environmentally sustainable; like sustainable transportation, water conservation, waste diversion, and green space.

Digital Built Environment: Digital Record 4

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When clicking on the Membership tab on the homepage, the website directs you to this page. This page provides information about CAP and what it does. It also explains to the visitor of all the benefits that could be taken advantage of by becoming a member of CAP. On the side are logos of different organization that are current CAP Members. On the bottom of the page provides link to a membership application.

Digital Built Environment: Digital Record 3

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When clicking on the Have Fun tab on the homepage, the website directs to this page which is different categories of links relating to different popular location around Downtown Atlanta. The different topics include; Architecture, Art and Culture, Dining, Nightlife, Shopping, and Sports. Each link brings you to another page which gives you more information of the topic at hand and a map with those places pinned on it. This page is probably aimed at touristing looking to visit Downtown Atlanta.

Digital Built Environment: Digital Record 2

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When clicking on the Plans & Initiatives tab on the homepage, the website directs to this page. This page shows the titles of new programs CAP and ADID are currently involved in; below each program is a small summary about it. Each program title has a link that directs you to more in depth information about it. The works of CAP and ADID on this page includes a broad range of innovative programs and public-private partnerships focused on the economic development, the physical environment and the marketing of Downtown Atlanta.

Digital Built Environment: Digital Record 1

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.46.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-01 at 12.56.15 PM

This is the homepage of Central Atlanta Progress and Atlanta Downtown Improvement District. On the top of the page there are six tabs divided into categories, with the first five relating to the topics/info the website covers, and the last tab offers information on how to be a member of CAP or ADID. Below that are circulating images with links that showcase events, popular location, transportation and organizations around Atlanta. On the side of the webpage are links to their social media sites, information about CAP and ADID, Downtown Atlanta Blog, and current and upcoming events in downtown Atlanta.

Interior Built Environment Description: Landmark Diner Restaurant

exteriorIn the late 1960’s, Tom Lambrou founder of Landmark Diner was a Greek immigrant who started of working as a cook on ships that traveled all around Europe, Africa, and even Asia. When Lambrou arrived in America, he was reduced into working low-leveled position such as  dishwasher or busboy. But by the age of 23, Tom Lambrou had saved up enough money and experience to open up several diners in New York. In 1994, Lambrou made the big decision to move to Atlanta and open up his first diner in Buckhead, the first Landmark Diner. His incentive for this major move was that at the time Atlanta was a rapidly growing city and plus the Olympics were on its way. Over the next several years, Tom Lambrou collected the rewards from his hard work and was able to open 4 more Landmark Diner location around Atlanta. The Landmark Diner in Buckhead is the original 24 hour diner located in the heart of Buckhead, at the corner of Peidmont and Roswell road. The Landmark Diner is a traditional New York operated diner with a large menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner served all day. The menu ranges from your simple steak gyro to fresh seafood, along with your typical diner foods. The building of the Landmark diner itself is reminiscent of a old school 50’s diner; with metallic reflective exterior walls, large paneled windows, and neon lights around the building/signs. Despite the diner having being built in 1994 is a little run down and old, it still doesn’t take away the authenticity and inviting manner of the restaurant itself. Upon entering the diner, you are greeted with a bakery case filled with homemade cakes, pies, breads, and other pastries. On the left of the restaurant is the Punchline Comedy Club, a side lounge that is apart of the diner that shows live comedy and music from Wednesday night and continues until Saturday night. The interior design of the diner is quit unique from any other diner in Atlanta. The floors and walls plus the bar near the back of the diner are made up of all marble. Booths and tables crowd up the floor, leaving just enough room for people and servers to walk around. Big white cream colored drapes hang from the window and fake potted flower beds sit on the window sills. The ceiling is decorated with different hanging international flags along with bottles of alcohol aligned on shelfs around the bar. On my visit to the Landmark Diner in Buckhead, the servers are friendly and are willing to hold a conversation with you, especially if you were a regular; which they get a lot of since most of the employee remember the customers names coming in. So whether your a person who is looking for quick bite after a late night of being out or just a regular customer looking for some delicious homemade diner food with the accompany of a familiar face; the Landmark Diner in Buckhead is Altanta’s Premier 24 hour diner that provides your favorite meals with a dedicated staff that is devoted on making your experince the best around.

Interior Built Environment: Digital Record 5


Upon entering the diner, you are greeted with a glass bakery case filled with an assortment of homemade cakes and pies. On top of the case were baked breads and other pastries that you could smell when walking through the doors of the diner. Behind the bakery case, different kinds of bottled alcohol are on display in and on top of shelves. This was the most inviting aspect to the diner to me, since almost everyone loves sweets and you could see that they make their own food from scratch.

Interior Built Environment: Digital Record 4


The all marble bar provides for costumers looking for a quick bite. Behind the bar, the setup looks like any typical diner with dishes/glasses, soda dispenser, coffee maker, and bottles of alcohol; all up front enabling quick and easy access for the server. T.Vs were setup on both ends of the bar, so customers could catch up with the news while they ate. Personally, having previously ate at the diner, I would have prefer to eat at the bar since it is quick and the servers were nice enough to hold up conversations with you while you sat there.