Interior Built Environment Description: Landmark Diner Restaurant

exteriorIn the late 1960’s, Tom Lambrou founder of Landmark Diner was a Greek immigrant who started of working as a cook on ships that traveled all around Europe, Africa, and even Asia. When Lambrou arrived in America, he was reduced into working low-leveled position such as ¬†dishwasher or busboy. But by the age of 23, Tom Lambrou had saved up enough money and experience to open up several diners in New York. In 1994, Lambrou made the big decision to move to Atlanta and open up his first diner in Buckhead, the first Landmark Diner. His incentive for this major move was that at the time Atlanta was a rapidly growing city and plus the Olympics were on its way. Over the next several years, Tom Lambrou collected the rewards from his hard work and was able to open 4 more Landmark Diner location around Atlanta. The Landmark Diner in Buckhead is the original 24 hour diner located in the heart of Buckhead, at the corner of Peidmont and Roswell road. The Landmark Diner is a traditional New York operated diner with a large menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner served all day. The menu ranges from your simple steak gyro to fresh seafood, along with your typical diner foods. The building of the Landmark diner itself is reminiscent of a old school 50’s diner; with metallic reflective exterior walls, large paneled windows, and neon lights around the building/signs. Despite the diner having being built in 1994 is a little run down and old, it still doesn’t take away the authenticity and inviting manner of the restaurant itself. Upon entering the diner, you are greeted with a bakery case filled with homemade cakes, pies, breads, and other pastries. On the left of the restaurant is the Punchline Comedy Club, a side lounge that is apart of the diner that shows live comedy and music from Wednesday night and continues until Saturday night. The interior design of the diner is quit unique from any other diner in Atlanta. The floors and walls plus the bar near the back of the diner are made up of all marble. Booths and tables crowd up the floor, leaving just enough room for people and servers to walk around. Big white cream colored drapes hang from the window and fake potted flower beds sit on the window sills. The ceiling is decorated with different hanging international flags along with bottles of alcohol aligned on shelfs around the bar. On my visit to the Landmark Diner in Buckhead, the servers are friendly and are willing to hold a conversation with you, especially if you were a regular; which they get a lot of since most of the employee remember the customers names coming in. So whether your a person who is looking for quick bite after a late night of being out or just a regular customer looking for some delicious homemade diner food with the accompany of a familiar face; the Landmark Diner in Buckhead is Altanta’s Premier 24 hour diner that provides your favorite meals with a dedicated staff that is devoted on making your experince the best around.

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