Artifact #2: Eastside Trail


Along the Eastside Trail

Along the Eastside Trail

The photo above displays an extensive fence that features local artwork alongside the Beltline’s Eastside Trail. The Eastside trail of the Atlanta Beltline, located on 10th Street and Monroe Drive, runs alongside Ponce City Market, Old Fourth Ward, and Piedmont Park. This pathway incorporates green-space and urban art while bordering downtown Atlanta. Ryan Gravel, the creator of the Beltline, desired to develop the Beltline system in order to restore urban livelihood, eliminate sprawl from suburbia, and ease the congestion of roads. Ultimately, he wanted Atlanta to embody a city that people yearned to grow up in which is evident in the project’s recent success. Ponce City Market Plaza connects the residential and retail properties of the market to the pathways of the Beltline. Individuals can rest along the market’s plaza with numerous benches and wooden chairs before embarking on a trek alongside  the Beltline. Multiple families, dedicated hikers/joggers, and speedy bicyclists all utilized the path. The route seemed to include every demographics. The pathway’s intended use is broad; one could use the sidewalk for transportation to access local retail and/or stores or one could utilize the sidewalk for recreation and exercise. The atmosphere was inviting; the landscape was stunning; the views of Ponce City Market and other venues such as the Masquerade were incomparable. Most notably, the artwork that lies on the Beltline grabs residents’ attention. The trail is dense with local artists work, whether it be paintings or 3D displays. Not only does the Beltline highlight local art, but the art acts serves a form of activism. Decorated posts along the path display encouraging messages on them that promote tolerance, peace, and acceptance. The trail itself was immensely colorful. Every color could be seen throughout every artwork. The natural landscape was also appealing. The pathway had various trees and bushes along its path. The surrounding nature was refreshing when juxtaposed to the industrial urban city of Atlanta. Moreover, the atmosphere was incredibly inviting; every individual appeared friendly. Smiles and “hellos” are constantly exchanged by residents. A map of the Eastside Trail is included below.


Photo Courtesy: | Eastside Trail