Artifact #3: Ponce City Market Map

Above is a personalized, interactive map of my experience at Ponce City Market. Every pin symbolizes the various locations that my sister, Marie, and I visited. If you click on the multiple pins, explanations of all sites are provided.

In regards to location, Ponce City Market is located on 675 Ponce de Leon Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. One cannot miss the development because a massive sign stating “Ponce City Market” lies on top of the main building structure, as pictured below. The market combines retail, food, residential space, and business. There are multiple entrances to the market itself. Individuals can access the premise through the main entrance on Ponce de Leon Avenue, through Glen Iris Drive, through North Avenue, or through the Eastside Beltline trail. The market is also conjoined to the Beltline which enables easy access to paths that are friendly to all and encompass the city. Nearby the neighborhood lies extensive residential properties which includes various apartments and condominiums. The housing throughout has a steep price. Thus, Ponce City Market adds value to the homes in the area. This expensive housing attracts middle to upper-class individuals while excluding those groups with a lower income. Additionally, grocery stores such as Whole Foods and convenience stores including CVS comprise of the developments bordering the market. Overall, it appears evident that the surrounding community targets higher-income households. Ultimately, these businesses demonstrate the rise of communities in close proximity to Ponce City Market. If you want to read more in-depth about each destination we stopped at, then click on the location pins on the map above!


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