Artifact #1: Retail (Goorin Bros. Hat Shop and Anthropologie)


Display of hats from Goorin Brothers Hat Shop

Ponce City Market embodies the combination of high-end retail with alternative stores. Goorin Brothers Hat Shop, located within 675 Ponce de Leon Avenue, represents the hipster sector of the market’s businesses. This hat store has a wide array of hats, ranging from styles that include baseball caps and top-hats. The store is aligned with antique mirrors and radiates with authenticity. Incredibly, the company offers a feather bar which immediately attracts many individuals’ fascination. Various feathers are arranged on the bar which can personalize any hat and add an element of spontaneity to an outfit. Historically, hat stores owned by immigrant families used to be prominent within Atlanta. Nowadays, the hat specialty stores appear less frequent. However, Goorin Brothers tributes the past immigrant shops that shaped the retail of Atlanta. As far as the appearance of Goorin Brothers, the store has impressive woodwork to hold its merchandise. The colors that are present include earthy brown tones which compliment the woodwork. Moreover, the scent throughout the shop resembles a luxurious, men’s cologne. The employees were also quite impressive with their undeniable interest in hats; they were quirky, knowledgeable, and fashionable.Ultimately, this urban hat shop illustrates the quirky and eclectic retail that is intertwined into Ponce City Market.


Display of quirky items being sold at Anthropologie

My sister, Marie, trying on an apron!

My sister, Marie, trying on an apron from Anthropologie!

Additionally, during my visit I ventured to Anthropologie, another store at Ponce City Market located on the ground level that resonates with Ponce’s alternative atmosphere alongside luxury price-tags. Anthropologie serves as a women’s clothing store that offers fashionable, bohemian pieces into everyday wear; the company prefers to call their merchandise “boho chic” which is extremely fitting. Their clothing and accessories tend to be pricey, but their functionality into a wardrobe is immeasurable. Initially, when walking in, the store is designed with rustic wood flooring and worn-down brick walls; the tones appear earthy yet with pops of color with their trinkets and clothing. Many of the clothing and accessory displays are massive cream tables or homey, countrified furniture items including dressers and wardrobes. Unfortunately, the store’s atmosphere was intimidating. They offered a beautiful selection, but I as well as my sister felt too intimidated to try anything on. Regardless of cowardice, the store added to the rich vivacity and subtle incorporation of southern twang that the retail of Ponce City Market exemplifies.