Intersectionality in the American South

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New Works in Intersectionality

On this page, you will find new works from various disciplines and fields on intersectionality.   Specifically, the page will feature intersectional publications that have been released or will be released within the last three years.  


Anderson, Derek Egan (2021). Metasemantics and Intersectionality in the Misinformation Age: Truth in Political Struggle. Springer Verlag.  

Alvi, Shahid & Zaidi, Arshia (2021). “My Existence is not Haram”: Intersectional Lives in LGBTQ Muslims Living in Canada. Journal of Homosexuality (68)6: 993-1014.



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Carastathis, Anna & Tsilimpounidi, Myrto (2020). Reproducing Refugees: Photographia of a Crisis. London, UK: Rowman and Littlefield International.

Cherry, Myisha (2020). Solidarity Care: How to Take Care of Each Other in Times of Struggle. Public Philosophy Journal 3 (1):12.

Curry, Tommy J. (2021). Decolonizing the Intersection: Black Male Studies as a Critique of Intersectionality’s Indebtedness to Subculture of Violence Theory. In Robert Beshara (ed.), Critical Psychology Praxis: Psychosocial Non-Alignment to Modernity/Coloniality. New York: pp. 132-154.


Graves, Donna & Dubrow, Gail (2019). Taking Intersectionality Seriously: Learning from LGBTQ Heritage Initiatives for Historic Preservation. The Public Historian (41)2: 290-316.  


Gurulé, jadira (2020). Unraveling Latinx racial politics Museums, Intersectionality, and Art in Conversation. Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures (4)2: 62-81.  



Haghiri-Vijeh, Roya & McDonald, Dr Carol (2022). Gadamerian Hermeneutics with Intersectionality as an Analytical Lens. Journal of Applied Hermeneutics 2022 (2022).

Hancock, Ange-Marie (forthcoming). Trayvon Martin, Intersectionality, and the Politics of Disgust. Theory and Event 15 (3).

Hurtwitz, Heather. 2022. Are We the 99%? The Occupy Movement, Feminism, and Intersectionality. Temple University Press. 


Jison, John Raymond (2021). Revisiting Susan Moller Okin’s Justice, Gender, and the Family (1989): Intersectionality, Social Ethos, and Critical Praxis of Gender Justice. Kritike 15 (2):111-125.

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Purdue, Zachary James (2020). Identity, Breakdown, and the Production of Knowledge: Intersectionality, Phenomenology, and the Project of Post-Marxist Standpoint Theory. Dissertation, University of South Florida  


Ramirez, Erick Jose ; Elliott, Miles & Milam, Per-Erik (2021). What it’s like to be a _____: Why it’s (often) unethical to use VR as an empathy nudging tool. Ethics and Information Technology 1 (3):527-542.

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Yee, Gale A. (2020). Thinking Intersectionally: Gender, Race, Class, and the Etceteras of Our Discipline. Journal of Biblical Literature 139(1): 7-26.  


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