Intersectionality in the American South

Funded through Support by the Mellon Foundation


Intersectionality in the American South

An Intersectional Studies Collective

The South is a dynamic place and idea, but it is a space still operating hegemonically out of imposed racialized, gendered, and religious categories, neglecting more nuanced understandings of human identities and experiences. Through the lens of intersectionality, the Georgia State University Collective will explore this dynamic and often contentiously transforming South, unearthing the unspoken and unacknowledged elements that continue to obstruct its effective engagement with the present.

The Georgia State University Collective initiative has been planned for a 42-month duration and organized around the following yearly themes:

  1. Historical Foundations and Academic Approaches to Intersectionality in the South.
  2. Southern Intersectionality and Social Justice.
  3. Science, Technology, and Intersectionalities of Disparity in the Transnational South. Events and programming will be enriched through a podcast, “Stories from the South,” that will provide an avenue for extending conversations beyond the scheduled face-to-face programming.


Listen to our podcasts at – Intersectionality in the American South’s Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

EP7:Advocating for those incarcerated in the state of Georgia

EP6:Exploring educational oppurtunities for the formerly incarcerated in Georgia

EP5:Making Space for Abolitionist Educators in Georgia’s K-12 Education

EP4:What’s New with the Beacon Hill Black A

EP3:The Healing Work of Reproductive Justice

EP2: A:Conversation with Joan Morgan

EP1: Part 2:Unpacking Intersectionality with Scholars

EP1: Part 1:Unpacking Intersectionality with Scholars

EP0:What is Intersectionality

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Intersectionality in the American South is funded through Support by the Mellon Foundation and administered by the Center for Studies on Africa and Its Diaspora at the College of Arts & Sciences at Georgia State University.

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