Intersectionality in the American South

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Intersectional Artists & Performances

Indigo Girls

According to Scholar Karen Tongson, “Most commonly known for their modest chart hits peppered throughout the 1990s, like “Closer to Fine,” “Galileo” and “Shame on You,” the Indigo Girls …with music as their conduit, accomplished the very best of what both queer theory and queer politics always aspired to achieve.”

Aku Kadogo

Aku Kadogo is an international theatre director, choreographer, educator and creative producer of cultural arts projects. This multi-faceted artist directs highly energetic, imaginative theatre works and has produced a number of collaborative interdisciplinary projects. Her eclectic career has spanned across the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia. She is the Chair of the Department of Theatre and Performance at Spelman College after having served as Distinguished Visiting Professor in 2014.

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T. Lang

“T. Lang Dance creates poetic movement landscapes, illustrating deep and rousing investigations into interdisciplinary creative practices, historical narratives and identity.”

Zanele Muholi

Photographer Zanele Muholi from South Africa portrays positive pictures of black queer identity in her photos of LGBT adolescents. 

Yasumasa Morimura

Yasumasa Morimura, a Japanese conceptual photographer who examines the convergence of non-Western subjects and gender, frequently adopts female personas, such as those in Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, to make statements about Asian masculinity and globalization in art history. The socially charged intersection of blackness and masculinity, or blackness and femininity, respectively, becomes a location of intervention into historical subjects and conventions of representation for modern portrait painters like Kehinde Wiley and Mickalene Thomas.


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