downloadAs part of our efforts to map historic Atlanta, SIF fellows have geo-tagged a GSU Library/Atlanta-Fulton Central Library collection of glass plate negative photographs from the 1920s. These beautiful images provide rare glimpses into the area around the Five Points Metro Station, and are particularly noteworthy for showing a number of storefronts that were submerged by the construction of the viaducts in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Many of these storefronts are in the area now known as “Underground Atlanta.”

After geo-tagging the images, the SIF fellows stitch together the images that overlapped, which produced 13 panoramic views of 1920s Atlanta streetscapes. These streetscape images can be viewed below. Use the drop down menu in the top right to change the images and click on the full view button to expand the image. The map below the images shows the location of each image.

Glass Plate Geo-Tagging Project Tutorial:

How we spliced together the historic photos:

SIF Project Team
Andrew Berens, MS student, Geosciences
Priyanka Tayi, MS Student, Computer Science
Saif Ali, Astrophysics
Alexandra Orrego, Geosciences

SIF Leadership Contact
Joe Hurley

Additional assistance from Eric Willoughby, GSU Library Web Programmer