April 2020

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Reflection #2

         As I begin to reflect on this semester, I never would have guessed we would end up like this. I figured it would be a challenging class, but I did not expect this type of challenge, particularly. Nevertheless, I am able to say that I have learned more than I initially expected too. I was able […]

Reflection #2

The reading and projects throughout the semester have established a strong foundation of the principles of instructional design. I’ve been intrigued by the models, the research and the growth that the field has experienced over the last century. While there are many important things that I’ve learned, there are two things that stick out for […]

Reflection Paper #2

The readings in the Design Performance and Instructional Systems course have been instrumental in increasing my understanding of instructional design, specifically assessment and evaluation. In the text, Real World Instructional Design, the chapter 3 section on Developing Assessments was of particular interest. This section discussed a multitude of tests that are used to evaluate and […]

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