Reflection #2

         As I begin to reflect on this semester, I never would have guessed we would end up like this. I figured it would be a challenging class, but I did not expect this type of challenge, particularly. Nevertheless, I am able to say that I have learned more than I initially expected too. I was able to create a project of my own by utilizing some of the material learned here, also

       This class aided me in using what I am learning here and applying it to the real world. I figured I could try to get some hands-on experience with designing project by starting with one of my own. So, I learned how to create and build my first official website. I started by organizing and prioritizing what my plans would be by deciding on the needs and also by focusing on my target audience. I decided on my outcomes and gave myself task to align with each. By doing so, I created a map or guide, and then was able to map out a plan with all the details and complete my project within a set time. The tool I used to assess the traffic to my site, was google analytics and also the site analytics. I learned that although it may seem like no progress, analytics will be a different story. 

    Referencing back to the material resources available to us in class; in particular, the case studies. The case studies provided a ton of information for me on how to manage, plan, build and execute effective projects. Plus, much more. 

Initially, I was misunderstanding the material. Overthinking and overcomplicating it. After reading it over a few times, it became so much clearer. Now I jot down more notes that better help me understand certain steps or verbiage. I have also been referencing the case studies to use in completion for our final project.

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