Immigrant Children & the Mexican border


Stephen Dinan. “Illegal Immigrant Children Surge across Border at Highest Rate since Last Summer’s Peak.” (2015): 1. Web.

Stephen Dinan is a reporter who works for the Washington Times. Dinian’s article “Illegal immigrant children surge across border at highest rate since last summer’s peak” informs one about the rising number of illegal immigrant children crossing the Mexican-American border. He clearly blames the Obama Administration for the lack of action that continues to demonstrate failure. This article informs one about the rising children immigrants and Obama’s Administration failure.
The Border of Security continue to pour money into better security at the Mexican Border. Now, making crossing the border harder than before. The increasing numbers of violence in Latin countries seem to be the reason for this sudden rise. America frowns upon illegal immigrants. America is doing all they can to stop illegal immigrants from flowing into the states. These young children are often poor, homeless and even parent-less. They dream about coming to the United States where violence isn’t as bad and education is better. The border blocks them from their dreams of a better life.

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