Annotated Bibliography 9

“Obama Administration Launches Website to Help Student Loan…”                                              Atlanta News, Sports, Atlanta Weather, Business News.                                                          Atlanta Journal Constitution, 28 Apr. 2016. Web. 28 Apr. 2016.

In the article, “Obama Administration Launches Website to Help Student Loan”  President Barack Obama is creating a website where the payments for student loans will be based on income. Since the payments will be significantly smaller it’s going to drag the amount of time you’re paying them back to ten to twenty years. According to secretary John King, he mentions a personal testimony about how he’s still paying student loans back from when he was in graduate school. This plan is trying to help student’s and adults keep their credit on point and not damage it due to late payments or just behind on payments. Hopefully President Barack Obama gets the website up and running so people can start paying back now. The federal student loan debt exceeds 1.3 trillion dollars currently which is OUTRAGEOUS!

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