MP Weather – Explore the World of Weather



MP Weather (free) is an engaging iPad app for young learners to use to explore weather conditions.  Children create rainbows, thunderstorms, blizzards, and more as they learn about nine, major weather types.




Weather controls allow the user to change atmospheric conditions such as temperature, wind speed, precipitation, and more.  Every choice and combination creates a new weather experience.


As children engage with the app, they interact with three, wacky characters that respond to the weather choices the child makes.  For example, the child can dress the characters in light clothing when it’s hot, give them hot drinks in the cold, or hand them umbrellas when they’re wet.  IMG_4395

Children can also add flowers, birds, a snowman or a picnic basket to the scene and see how the different weather types affect them.

Possible GELDS Connections
SC2.4c Makes simple observations of the characteristics, movement, and seasonal changes of sun, moon, stars and clouds. Compares the daytime/ nighttime cycle.
SC2.4d Uses appropriate vocabulary to discuss climate and changes in weather.
SS4.4d Explores the uses of technology and understands its role in the environment.


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