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Going Up! – 6/29/15

There has been much progress on the work site this past week. Click the picture to see it full-sized. You can see that the hole at the center, left that we have watched since the beginning has been covered.  Through

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Welcome to 75 Piedmont

Because I tend to snap photos often, I assume that everyone else wants to see them.  I’m right, right?  Of course, right! I am also curious about new places and things.  You’re curious too, right?  Right! Since you’re curious and

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Going Up! – 6/22/15

As I mentioned in my post Friday, I plan to update you on the construction progress about once a week.  Monday seems to be the best day.   Not a lot has changed since Friday.  There is still a lot

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Going Up! – 6/18/15

Across the street from our new office is a construction site, and I have a great view of it from my window.  I’m finding that watching the action is a great distraction when I need a quick break from the

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What a Difference a Week Makes!

Just over a week ago, the Best Practices team officially moved into our new space at 75 Piedmont Avenue, also known as the Citizens Trust Bank Building.  Excited, though also nervous, we made our way to the sixth floor suite

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