Going Up! – 7/7/15

Today, I have included three photos of the work site from the past week.  Let’s take a look at each.  As always, click a picture to see it full sized.

WednesdayWednesday, July 1: I snapped this picture because of what’s happening at the back of the site.  Last week’s photo showed progress on the concrete wall at that end of the future building, and I anticipated that there would be lots of cement trucks coming in and out as the wall was built.  I was wrong!  You can see at the back of the site an orange crane-type machine carrying a brown slab.  The slab is concrete and was delivered on a flatbed truck.  There have been a few of these delivered, so far.  Notice that our remote-controlled friend has disappeared from the work site.  I wonder if he will return.


ThursdayThursday, July 2: For the first time, a cement truck showed up on the work site!  It was impossible to miss its bright yellow color.  There were a few of them on and off the work site on Thursday, but I have not seen any since.


MondayMonday, July 6: The maze of ditches at the front of the work site (bottom, left/center in the picture) has grown.  I am still pretty sure that the red-topped rebar will help form the footings of the building.  The workers have begun to build wooden frames around in a couple of spots.  I think these will be forms for concrete to be poured.

Notice at the bottom, right corner the orange crane-type machine that moved the concrete slab on Wednesday.  In this picture, we can see that it has two, large tines like a forklift.  The two, green things in the same area are gasoline-powered generators to provide electricity.  I have not seen these being used yet.  Stay tuned!


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