Class Notes 10/24

Class Notes 10/24


  • Thesis and Claims
  • Someone could reasonably argue
  • Evidence from primary and secondary sources
  • Focus on building ETHOS
  • Your ethos builds upon the quality of sources you use to support your claims
  • Interpretation and application

Reading Purcell — GSU Library website

Post: three quotations and explain what is meaningful about each quotation

Options: 6-10 pages blog or essay

Not Optional: a quality works cited of at least 6 sources

How does a built environment design element affect someone’s behavior in that space? How does the look & feel of GSU encourage or discourage monogamous, long term realtionships between students?

Elements could include:

  • Traffic flow
  • Gates & fences
  • Landscaping
  • Materials
  • Roadways
  • Type of buildings

How to write something academic?? NOT BIG WORDS…just be SPECIFIC! Your voice & contribution







The look and feel of GSU discourages monogamous, long term relationships between students.

The hallways of Georgia State University discourage friendship between its students.

The furniture placement of GSU discourages conversation between teachers and students.

Classroom furniture students utilize at Georgia State University put students at an academic disadvantage.

The landscape of Old Fourth Ward Skatepark discourages people from bringing their dogs there.

Furniture along the Beltline encourages unity among the community of Atlanta.

Color composition in the Fox Theater encourages romance among couples that visit.

Furniture and materials along the Beltline encourages creativity among visitors

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