Activity 3.10

Create examples of logical fallacies 

Ad populum: All of my friends smoke cigarettes, so why shouldn’t I?

Ad vericundiam: If its tradition for the seniors egg the principals house, I guess we have to because we are seniors now!

Begging the question: Well if we are all shopping at Whole Foods we must all only eat organic foods!

Confusing cause and effect: Skinny people run on the treadmill so therefore running on the treadmill will make you skinny.

Either/or: We either have to cut the budget or fire someone.

Non sequitur: The Smith’s live in such a small house, they obviously cannot afford a trip to the Bahamas.

Post Hoc: Every time my dog wears her Falcons jersey, they win. If she does not wear it they will lose!!

Red herring: It does not matter that I am a sexist pig, because your husband had many affairs!

Slippery slope: If you let him in your house after your first date, its obvious he is going to make a move.


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