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Hi, everyone! I’m Anna Rose. I live, work, play, and study here in Atlanta. Here’s a photo of me in Ireland! College is great for learning, don’t get me wrong, but traveling and new experiences are vital components to a well rounded education. 🙂

Coast of Ireland, 2016.

Other than traveling, a few of my most favorite things include: coffee, animals, TV, road trips, Amy Winehouse, camping, board games, family, Clemson, Ikea, smoothies, Disney World, Christmas, the lakes of Northern Michigan, and microwave popcorn. If I could have all of those things at one time in one place, I would assume I’ve died and gone to Heaven.

This is my insanely adorable puppy; her name is Violet.

Violet. Atlanta, GA.

There are various personal factoids I could bore you with such as I have 3 siblings or that I’m a Capricorn, but that would not help you know who I really am. To know someone by any means of actual substance, I believe you have to try and understand how they aim to live their life. Discover a person’s life mantra per se. Well here is my mantra, quoted from one of my biggest inspirations, Amy Winehouse. “I fall in love every day, not with people but with situations.”

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Amy Winehouse Exhibit. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A few key people in my life who make my days full of joy and love are my family, my boyfriend Kenny, and my best friends Joanna and Jeff. I love them all so much I wish I could write an About Me page about each of them because every one should hear how awesome they are! But, back to me, all about me.

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My sisters! (1 brother not pictured)
Joanna Koo. The Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope. (Any Parks and Rec fans out there?)
My lovely boyfriend, featuring the best breakfast food ever, pancakes.
Jeff, he teaches me everything I need to know to be cool. Which does not come too naturally…

Well, that concludes my “About Me.” If I left you lingering with any further questions, leave a comment and I will happily tell more. Thank you for reading, I look forward to reading yours, too.

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