Old Fourth Ward Skatepark – Objective (FBED)

Old Fourth Ward Skatepark, home to skaters and yoga practitioners alike. Cement skatepark accompanied by large grass field are the two major components that make up this landmark.

Through out the park, there is a repetition of colors grey and green. Grey and green, green and gray, these two colors work together to mend natural and man made elements to create one landscape.


GREY. Grey is observed mainly in man made features. Trash cans, cement skate park, covered areas.

Trash cans are placed in multiple areas of the park including two by the bathrooms and two by the skatepark.

The skatepark. Grey cement encompasses the entirety of this area.

No skaters seen here on a Tuesday afternoon at 1:15pm.

Grey covered walk way that defines where the park starts and stops & provides shade. Other purposes remain unknown…

grey modernly designed overpass

Man meets nature where the green leaves creep through the fence by the grey concrete.

sidewalk leading up to skatepark, shrubs on one side, bushes pushing against the fence on the other.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, but on the other side of the skate park, there’s plenty of green grass.

Microcosm of the grassy field in the Old Fourth Ward Skatepark.

Man made feature collides with natural green color theme. Bathroom building.

Green bathrooms




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