Built Environment Description 3

Ebenezer Baptist Church quite possibly has the richest history of any historical site in Atlanta. As the Church that both Martin Luther King, Jr. and his father spoke at, it has seen it’s fair share of political turmoil. For example, in the video provided about Alberta King (http://crdl.usg.edu/cgi/crdl?action=retrieve;rset=002;recno=1;format=_video), it is shown that she was killed inside the church itself, shot by a man that claimed that all Christians were his enemies. Not only this, but Jesse Jackson, a Civil Rights leader, has spoken here, making this place one of the most important places in the whole of the Civil Rights movements, where speakers can give adoring crowds speeches and reasonably expect an attentive audience to put the words they are speaking into action. Furthermore, the architecture of this building, namely the sign and the outer aesthetic, offer an inviting aura to the building, which can be taken as an invitation inside this hallowed ground. Another note of significance is that Martin Luther King, Jr. himself spoke at this church, in essence painting a large target on the face of the building. Being a symbol for Civil Rights attracts its fair share of attention. For example, just recently, two people attached confederate flags to the sides of the building. In the end, this building symbolizes the struggle of the Civil Rights movement, as well as the success it eventually faced.

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