Sonny Purdue Ad

This ad in particular very clearly appeals to Republicans. Sonny Perdue says that he very strongly disagrees with Obama and believes his policies harmed the economy. He also disagrees with Michelle Nunn’s policies, and she is democratic as well. Essentially, Sonny strongly aligns himself with ¬†Georgian Republicans.

Another demographic he tries to align himself with is the lower class and unemployed people. He sympathizes with those who cannot find a job, stating it’s hard in this modern economy, but he also states that it is also difficult to maintain a job in this modern economy as many are low-paying.

Through these claims, Perdue establishes his target demographic as lower to middle class republicans. In Georgia, this is very likely the largest portion of the voting population, which puts Perdue  in the majority.

Local Elections

I used the website Vote411 to figure out what elections were going on in my district. It turns out that my area, Johns Creek, only has the presidential election available to vote on. This is unfortunate, as it doesn’t allow for a whole lot of room for citizens to vote or have much say in who runs their area. While unfortunate, I can’t say that I’m heartbroken over it, as the area has been one of the cleanest areas in Fulton county for a while, so whoever is in office should remain.

Gendered Advertising Remixer

It was interesting to note how boys’ advertisements are so different from girls’. For example, the voice used in many of the male targeted commercials is grittier and older than that of the girls commercials, which sounds bubbly and youthful. Another interesting thing to note is that of the girls toys, not many of them used backgrounds that embellished the toy itself. Many of the boys’ toys, however, used backgrounds and costumes to try and make the toy look like something it isn’t. Also, many of the boy’s toys had guns and military things, while the majority of the girls toys contained clothes or something of the sort.

Organization Class Prep

In order to keep my blog more organized, I have done many things. Firstly, I changed my front page to display the most recent posts rather than my about page. This is in case a link I submit fails to work, my post will still be easily accessed from the front page of my blog. Hopefully, this will prevent me getting any zeroes for work I have already submitted.

Another thing I did was create many categories for the many different projects we are going to be doing this semester. For example, I created a Built Environment Description category. As more and more projects come along, I will create more categories to go along with them.

Finally, I went back and sorted through all of my old posts and put them in the correct category. For example, I had put a couple of Annotated Bibliographies under SOS by accident, so I created a new category just for them. All the posts on my blog are now categorized. All in all, at this point my blog is the easiest to navigate out of the whole time it has existed.

Blog Organization

Recently, I organized my blog to make things easier to find. Firstly, I made the home page display my most recent posts. Secondly, I added many new categories, for the many projects we are doing. Finally, I went back and sorted all of my previous posts and put them in the category they belong in.