Sonny Purdue Ad

This ad in particular very clearly appeals to Republicans. Sonny Perdue says that he very strongly disagrees with Obama and believes his policies harmed the economy. He also disagrees with Michelle Nunn’s policies, and she is democratic as well. Essentially, Sonny strongly aligns himself with  Georgian Republicans.

Another demographic he tries to align himself with is the lower class and unemployed people. He sympathizes with those who cannot find a job, stating it’s hard in this modern economy, but he also states that it is also difficult to maintain a job in this modern economy as many are low-paying.

Through these claims, Perdue establishes his target demographic as lower to middle class republicans. In Georgia, this is very likely the largest portion of the voting population, which puts Perdue  in the majority.

Local Elections

I used the website Vote411 to figure out what elections were going on in my district. It turns out that my area, Johns Creek, only has the presidential election available to vote on. This is unfortunate, as it doesn’t allow for a whole lot of room for citizens to vote or have much say in who runs their area. While unfortunate, I can’t say that I’m heartbroken over it, as the area has been one of the cleanest areas in Fulton county for a while, so whoever is in office should remain.



The Municipal Market is a melting pot of all of the cultures across Atlanta. From poor to rich, old to young, and just about any race, there is something for just about everyone in this market. Take, for example, these two markets. On the surface, they sell very similar things, Burritos and various South American foods. A deeper look, however, reveals the differences in presentation between these two stores. The one on the right has a more contemporary feel to it, with modern culinary instruments and menus on paper. Customers have no place to sit in for this store, which encourages customers to get their food while on the go. The store on the left, in comparison, has an older feel to it. The menu is written on a chalkboard on the right side of the store, and because the store is shaped like a corner, there is a designated sitting area for this restaurant. Another difference between these two is the prices. The more modern store has higher prices and provides less food for the price, while the older store has lower prices and provides more food for the price.


Another symbol for the diversity in culture is on the outside of the market. There is a large painting of various different people on the side of the building, all with different genders, races, and ages. This painting is a good symbol of showing how the Market incorporates various different cultures within it. Essentially, through the incorporation of stores of varying goods, prices, and locations, Sweet Auburn Curb Market appeals to people of all ages, race, and genders.

Burrito Shop

20161010_110600 20161010_110547

Towards another entrance  is a different type of Mexican restaurant, compared to the one previously mentioned.. This one is more modern, as shown by the menu and design of the shop itself. The shop doesn’t have its own seating area, rather, it uses the seating present that is available to all patrons for use. The store itself is between to other stores with pretty much the same appearance as this one.

Gendered Advertising Remixer

It was interesting to note how boys’ advertisements are so different from girls’. For example, the voice used in many of the male targeted commercials is grittier and older than that of the girls commercials, which sounds bubbly and youthful. Another interesting thing to note is that of the girls toys, not many of them used backgrounds that embellished the toy itself. Many of the boys’ toys, however, used backgrounds and costumes to try and make the toy look like something it isn’t. Also, many of the boy’s toys had guns and military things, while the majority of the girls toys contained clothes or something of the sort.

Tea Store


Towards one of the entrances lies a more modern looking store. The walls are all made of glass, so as to display the wares sold here openly. This particular store sells tea as well as honey. There isn’t a whole lot of room inside the shop for seating, however this is likely due to the limited room inside the store. This adds to the more modern stomsphere of the store, as it emphasizes a get in and get out kind of customer.



The Farmer’s Market section of this market is in the middle of everything. This area is reminiscent of an older time when many people grew their own foods. The produce section has many people tending to the needs of customers, and many different fruits and vegetables are offered. There are no aisles or modern methods of showing wares, instead there are buckets and crates full of fruit, which is a somewhat older way of displaying fruits.



Directly outside the market is a sign with a picture on it. The picture appears to be a painting of a very diverse market, with an African-American man standing next to what appears to be a Caucasian woman. In the background, we can see a lady selling what appears to be fish, and to the left of her is a young African-American boy talking to an older Caucasian male.