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Eastlake Neighborhood Golf Club


This is the entrance to the East Lake Golf Club which sits back away from the road. This entrance is gated and only allows members access. Through research I found out that membership is by invitation only through corporations, and there is no individual memberships available. The entrance is very subtle and private, leaving no mistakes to wander in.



As I wandered alongside the gates, I found two Caucasian older gentlemen playing golf. The course is very private so me hanging around probably arouse suspicion. Walking around I did not feel as if I belonged. The guys, on the other hand seem to be enjoying themselves in this windy, chill relaxed environment.


Here is just a brief video clip of the golf course and the scenery it provides. In this clip, there is no sound. The only thing you can here is the wind rustling in the camera’s speaker piece. It was very quiet out which contributes to a very peaceful environment tucked away from the rest of the neighborhood. The only thing to listen to is the birds soaring across the sky and the squirrels ruffling in the trees above.


In this picture you can see the Golf Club house sitting upon a hill towards the back. It kind of gives a country feel with the trees blocking the view. The colors also contributes to the country atmosphere with the brown, forest green bushes and bare trees in the distance. It definitely is the highlight of the East Lake neighborhood.

IMG_2454 IMG_2458

In these last photos, and every photo previously you can see how excluded the Golf Course is from the rest of the neighborhood. Fences surround the entire course. The area surrounding this is very closed in and private, the fences seem to provide more purpose than keeping the golfers balls from wandering outside the perimeters but it ensure no loitering or mistaken wandering access. The grass is very well kept, trimmed to perfection.

Description of East Lake Neighborhood (Golf Course)

As I observed the Golf course and its surroundings. I could really understand how it would be the highlight of the neighborhood. It is the oldest golf course of Atlanta, established in the beginning of 1904. It is in the East part of downtown Atlanta in East Lake neighborhood. It is a very well kept club house surrounded by nicely remodeled houses. Although the grass is not the greenest at this time of year, it creates a country feel with crisp cold breeze in the air with the smell of fresh cut grass.

The golf course sits away from the road with a gated entrance way leading to the club house that sits at the top of a hill being seen from the road but unfortunately not accessible unless you have a membership, which is by invitation only. It seems to only be useful to the elite class of people being that there only seemed to be older white guys playing golf on a Sunday afternoon.

From the look of the neighborhood, this golf course is not intended for regular individuals as myself, so walking around viewing the scenery made me feel out of place even though I was not in a place of danger. I received awkward stares that made me want to hurry and leave, but that’s when I realized that this is what I was here for: to find the exclusions where we think there are none.

As I got ready to leave the course, I realized how once I left the vicinity of the golf course, there were several black children and adults with their children at the nearby park that wasn’t as well kept. Although they seem to be having quite some fun. The park wasn’t the worst but it seemed to be in different world than the golf club, though it was barley around the corner. The benches were rusted with paint wearing away, and knocked over trash cans and such. The environment took a complete turn that I did not expect.

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