Tyler Perry’s Digital Website

Screenshot 2016-04-29 16.06.08In this first picture, you can see the many different characters that stars in many of his shows and plays. This picture shows what it is all about about, the drama, the hurt, pain, hardships but also the glory and comedic relief that it provides to the audience.

Screenshot 2016-04-29 15.58.28 Here is an image of Tyler Perry alongside his biography of his life and all of his accomplishments. He tells  the stories of how he became who he is despite who he was and encourages others that they too can do the same with the proper help with the lord above. He introduces himself and tells of where his inspiration came from. In this picture, he expresses a face of seriousness, instead of the humorous expressions he is known to have.


Screenshot 2016-04-29 16.00.08 In this clip, there are images of his studio which was opened up in the year of 2008. On the website, it gives a tour of his Atlanta studio where he records his shows, it comprises of of five sound stages, a post production facility, a pond, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room.

Screenshot 2016-04-29 16.01.04 In this photo, he is pictured pointing with the paper at the screen, reading off “we want you, come join us!” He is looking directly into the camera, as  if he is speaking to someone. His smile shows his passion. There are several links on the website that provides information on auditions and joining his cast. His website gives everyone a chance to audition and be apart of this christian based family who helps reach and change peoples lives. Screenshot 2016-04-29 16.01.20On this page, he states how he enjoys reading what the fans have to say, he loves their ideas for his shows and he takes inconsideration their input. He calls it his inspirational corner where he interacts with his fans and let them know that he will never forget about them and how he is the man he is because of their support.

Tyler Perry has an open platform for Christian actors and his website is like a welcome to those who wants to come along and join his cast. He is the creator of many plays, his first one being “I Can Bad All By Myself”. He eventually branched out into films, with the character everyone knows so well “Madea”. His website showcases a sense of seriousness about sensitive topics but it also brings in the humor. The website is themed in darker colors, serious faces alongside cheerful ones which is an expression of the content that he brings to his shows.

The pictures that are posted on the website showcases his personality and interaction with his cast. Which in my opinion, allows future cast mates to see that is not all about work but about building a family of fun laughter and hard work and most importantly glorifying God despite their own troubles and the ones they create in characters.

I have been a fan of Tyler Perry for years now. When he first started his shows were centered on the black woman and their struggles, which created a platform for black women and an audience of the black community.  Now you can find actors of all races in his films which I think is great. It started out a platform to reflect the trials in the black community within the black families and now it showcases that we all need Christ and we all can serve him together.

Perry opened up his studio in Atlanta which was previously the Delta Airlines campus. This is where he produces and films his shows as well as entertaining and hosting events.

His website features a biography that discusses where and how he grew up and where all of his inspiration comes from, from being homeless, poor and abused. It goes in to detail of his life story and how he became who he is and why he does what he does, providing home based humor in all of life’s circumstances. He has been an advocate and great supporter of the NAACP and has been giving back to all those who has helped him achieve his success this far.

Tyler Perry’s website is featured with many serious faces, yet delightful fun spirited characters as well.

The website gives off a classic vibe with him tailored in a nice suit, and colors of black and white, this to me shows that even though he is full comedy, he also has a business side that allows him to be serious and the true business man that he is.

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