World of web programming 1

In this series of posts, I will be talking about the web development projects that I am working on and my approach. I had zero work experience with web development when I started to work on these projects. So, my experience can be a good guide for someone starting to learn web development.

Web pages are hosted on web servers, so when we access a web page we are actually getting the page from the server. The user who accesses the webpage is client. In web development, there are two broad divisions client side programming and server side programming. The client side program runs on the computer that client uses, while the server side program actually runs on the server.

In our project we plan to use HTML, CSS and Javascript for client side programming while server side programming is done using PHP and mySQL backend.

Project 1 Online Deliberation Mapping Tool Development: This project is aligned with the “Online collaboration and communication” theme of CII. The work will involve development of a visual representation of discussion forum.  This tool, when complete, can be integrated with Desire2learn system to enrich the learning experience of student.


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