Back to school

I have been working on the Deliberation Map for two semesters, Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, it has been an awesome experience throughout. From the conception of the tool to seeing its version 1.0 it has been a long journey.

Heidi had the basic idea of the tool and other team members like Justin, Will, etc have helped me in making the tool a concrete entity. Broadly, Fall 2014 semester was dedicated to discuss what kind of features needs to be in the tool and to learn the technologies that are required to build it as a product. During Spring 2015, version 1.0 came into existence. The technologies used were ASP.NET, C# and MSSQL database.

I was doing my internship in summer and did not get time to work on deliberation map. The good news is that, I am back to school for my final semester and have been working on the tool. Currently, I am using my time to host the deliberation map on a website so that people can access it from anywhere using URL. Further, we are having discussing as to how to improve the tool to be more suitable to class room usage.

The tool has been hosted at This is on a free hosting website which has the software stack required for our tool.

The plan ahead for this semester would be to add the immediately required features like dashboard and analytics like number of posts by a particular user, and to package the software into a logical module so that it can be used and improved by people working on it in future.