Philips Arena

The sight I chose to observe was Philips Arena. Philips Arena is located in Atlanta, Ga, on 1 Philips Dr. Philips Arena was built in 1999 at a cost of $213.5 million. It replaced the Omni Coliseum. Philips Arena is most commonly known as far as architecture for the big “ATLANTA” sign that’s right outside of it. But along with the sign are many other signs and there’s also a statue dedicated to Dominique Wilkins. These artifacts are arranged in a neat way. The layout of my site is long. It takes up a lot of space. Philips Arena is easy to navigate. It’s not crowded with obstacles. As far as colors at Philips Arena, there aren’t many colors. It’s kind of dull but at the same time it’s still colorful. Because of the many different signs. The site makes me feel very welcomed. It makes me love my city even more. It’s right downtown. The site is used as a venue. It holds concerts, basketball games, and many other things. People use it that go to these concerts or basketball games. The site is advertised online. It targets its users by having concerts that appeal to many different people. There are many different types of artists that have concerts at Philips Arena.

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