Annotated Bibliography

This article is about how Atlanta street car operators are upset that homeless people are staying on the street car and just riding it until they tell them to get off. They feel unsafe. Since they can’t see behind them while they’re driving, they say they don’t know what can happen if someone comes up on them. Gina Pagnotta, PACE Union local president, talked to seven of the different workers and they all complained about the problem. The stench was so bad one time that someone actually got sick. APD said that the street car operators safety is their biggest concern, and they’ll continue to try to keep them safe. I chose this article because it brings light to the different views on the activities of the homeless. Some people feel sympathy for them, and some don’t. I don’t think there’s any flaws in the article. It was very straight forward. This article was similar to my previous one because it had to do with the homeless community.

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