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                 Luo, Ruiyan and Xin Qi. (2023) Nonlinear Function-on-Scalar Regression via Functional Universal Approximation. Biometrics
  • R package FRegSigCom for function-on-function regression: FRegSigCom

Source code: FRegSigCom

Document: FRegSigCom.pdf

  • Linear function-on-function regression by signal compression: SigComp

Reference: Luo, Ruiyan, and Xin Qi (2017) Function-on-function linear regression by signal compression Journal of American Statistical Association. 112(518): 690-705.

  • Wavelet based signal compression for linear function-on-function regression: wSigComp

Reference: Luo, Ruiyan, and Xin Qi.(2016) Functional wavelet regression for function-on-function linear models. Electronic Journal of Statistics. 10(2):3179-3216.

  • Linear function-on-function regression with thousands of functional predictors:  SigCompFofHighDim

Reference: Xin Qi, and Ruiyan Luo. Function on function regression with thousands of predictive curves. (submitted)

  • Signal extraction for sparse multivariate regression: SIER

Reference: Luo, Ruiyan, and Xin Qi. Signal extraction approach for sparse multivariate response regression. (2nd round review)

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  • Nonlinear function-on-function regression: (to be posted)
  • Linear scalars-on-function regression with thousands of functional predictors:  (to be posted)