Annotated Bibliography #5


Nessy, Messy. “Documenting the Disappearing Record Stores of Paris.” Blog. MESSYNESSY Chic, August 14, 2015.

The author of this article, who goes by the penname Messy Nessy, writes about the history and unfortunate disappearance of record shops in Paris, France. The record store is a dying breed in today’s world. The streets of Paris used to be filled with these shops that held decades of musical history within their walls. Nessy writes of the slow drop off of some of Paris’ most well known record dealers. Thomas Henry’s website, Disquaries de Paris, documents the disappearance of these shops in an interesting way. This is the website from which Nessy gets most of her information. What sparks the reader’s attention is the way Nessy displays a side-by-side comparison of photos of the old record shop storefronts and what replaces the shops in modern day Paris. I chose this source because it is specific in mentioning how sparse record stores have become and pays tribute to the rich history they provided. I would not necessarily say this source has bias, Nessy is definitely appreciative of music, but that is not cause for bias. As said in my fourth annotation, Criminal Records is the last record shop in Atlanta. This blog post supports that in explaining how these shops have fallen off the grid in the past decades. This post provides great insight into the record industry and incorporates some great photography as well.