Exterior: Virginia Highlands Digital Record #2


An aural characteristic of Virginia Highlands were the sounds inside the coffee shop I visited. In this recording, laid-back music can be heard in the background. I noticed that throughout the area very quiet music played from the windows of most of the shops and restaurants. The distinct sound of the espresso machine and the milk steamer can also be heard in this recording. There were no other people inside the coffee shop, which is why there is no chatter in the background. The whole space was very quiet and relaxed.

One thought on “Exterior: Virginia Highlands Digital Record #2

  1. Nice recordings, especially the one from you on the sidewalk. I think this is my favorite form of digital articles for the exterior descriptions of built environments. Nowadays, with all the clutter and never days/meetings/classes/etc. – I feel like everyone misses out on the little things around us that we start to take for granted. Your audio recordings help bring to light the little things that really start to describe a certain area and why it is the way it is.

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