Exterior: Virginia Highlands Digital Record #5

Virginia Highlands Video

I took this video while crossing a small side street onto the main sidewalk where all the shops and restaurants are. A large, bright Coca-Cola mural on the side of the building really draws attention. The restaurant I approach as I cross the street has a wall that is completely open to the outside. The space flows very nicely; it is open and easily accessible. The texture of the buildings changes from wood, to chiseled stone, to painted cement as the wall goes from belonging to the restaurant to the salon next door.

Exterior: Virginia Highlands Digital Record #3


I noticed repetitive signage all over Virginia Highlands. Above a lot of the road signs it reads ‘Historical Atkins Park’. It turns out, Atkins Park is an area within Virginia Highlands. The labeling of these signs creates borders within the neighborhood. I noticed as I began walking further from the area of shops and homes, the road signs were no longer labeled like this, which told me I had travelled outside the Virginia Highlands area.