Lab Research Opportunity

The Comparative Cognition Lab is seeking volunteer lab associates to help run participants and assist in research endeavors

The Comparative Cognition Lab (Smith Lab) studies categorization and metacognition across species, including humans, monkeys, pigeons, and dolphins. With funding from NIH and NSF we have shown some non-human animals have had success in uncertainty monitoring and mental-state awareness with strong parallels to human capacities. Similarly, we have made significant contributions to the central prototype-exemplar debate in categorization.

Duties include data collection, computer set-up, communication with participants, and administrative tasks.

We are seeking students with an interest in cognition and animal behavior, a strong work ethic, organizational and communication skills, as well as a basic computer skills.

Interested volunteers have the option to help analyze data, participate in brainstorming sessions, and attend talks.

Volunteers will need to be available at 10am on Mondays for a quick meeting.

Please email resumes and a summary of general interests to

We hope to hold informal interviews next week.