Meet the Faculty


Ashlyn Swartout, PhD


Dr. Swartout is a lecturer in the department. Her graduate training is in Experimental Psychology (specifically Social Psychology), and she typically teaches courses on Research Methods and Statistics, Interpersonal Behavior, Human Sexuality, and Social Psychology. Learn more about her here.



David Washburn

David Washburn, PhD

Dr. Washburn is a Professor in the department. His research interests focus on comparative psychology (cognition as it is manifest across species) as well as human factors (individual differences in cognition and performance). He has an active lab of graduate and undergraduate research assistants and typically teaches advanced undergraduate seminars on specialized topics related to his field of research. Learn more about him here.





Andrea Weyermann

Andrea Weyermann, PhD

Dr. Weyermann is a Senior Lecturer in the department. Her graduate training is in Clinical Psychology, and typically teaches courses in Personality, Abnormal, Interpersonal Behavior, and Human Sexuality. Of particular relevance to members of the PsyPipeline, Dr. Weyermann is also the Career and Graduate School Advisor for students in the department. As part of that role, she also teaches a course in Careers in Psychology. Learn more about here.



While these faculty members are the core Pipeline faculty, you may be paired with almost any faculty member in the department depending on your interests and goals. Learn more about our faculty and their interests here: