Exterior Built Environment Description: King Memorial Station

King_20Memorial_2010.0The King Memorial Station is one of the seven Marta stations completed in 1979. The station was built to commemorate the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the first national holiday in his name. The station is located on Decatur Street SE and is on the blue and green line of the Marta railway. The architecture of the King Memorial station is unique compared to the other station on Marta. The train station is elevated above 21 Memorial Drive, aligned under-passing street were Marta buses and other forms of transportation come and go; the station itself provides protection for waiting passengers from everyday weather, such as rain. The stations is white/grey three stories high and is a combination of round rectangular sections. The building gives off a polished and smooth visual due to its rounded edges and sleek appearance. Upon entering the King Memorial station there are multiple stairs that lead up to the security gates. When enter the through security gates on the second floor, a long panel of glass windows on your right opens up a magnificent view of the city of Atlanta. From this view you would be able to see Grady Memorial Hospital, 191 Peachtree Tower, Promenade II, and most of the popular buildings located in the city. Above that is the third floor were the railway is located. The railway stop is long and wide open to space; a no skateboarding sign is posted near one of walls. The the design of the top floor roof is a triangular pattern of interconnected metal bars, giving way to a lot of natural light being able to come through. Some artifacts present on site worth mentioning is the silver panel with a inscription dedicating the site to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a huge sculpture located in the front of the train station. Marta classifies this station as a neighborhood station, being home for many Georgia State University students and local residents. Places of interest near the station would the King Memorial, Martin Luther King’s boyhood home, Village Theatre, and Oakland Cemetery. The community surrounding the King Memorial station has gone through a renaissance of sorts in the past few years, being home to a array of new apartments, townhouses, retail shops, and businesses that align themselves on Decatur Street. The station itself and the King Memorial located near it, gives dedication to one of histories greatest civil rights activist, providing travelers a chance to learn about King and achievements. The King Memorial Station itself despite being old, the area around it is every growing and evolving, with new businesses and residents moving in everyday. I predicted that area around the station will soon become a rich and thriving community.

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