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Although short and concise, Phia Bennin and Brendan McMullan’s article explains the idea and purpose of a color walk effectively. The article starts off by describing how Bennin and McMullan ran introduced to the concept themselves which was while making a guest appearance on another radio podcast, the Colors Show. Created by William Burroughs as a way to inspire his students(RadioLab),As explained on the show, a color walk is  simple as it sounds; you go on a walk for a bit, all the while taking in the aspect of color all around you.

The host then went on to share their experience as they walked around the city and follow the trail of whatever colors their eyes where attracted to. Starting out in the lower Manhantan area, Bennin and McMullan “followed blues which led us to pinks, which pulled us toward violets” (RadioLab) which meant they choose to follow the most vibrant colors. The end result was that the colors they observed stuck in their brain and served as a filter when they looked for other colors along the way.

At the end of their article they offer a bit of advice on how you can impliment a color walk wherever you find yourself. The recomend givin your self a good our of uninterupted time to completly imurse yourself in the expirement. On top of that, once you’ve chosen what color(s) you’re going to follow, allow yourself to chase without fear of straying too far or too deep; according to them, getting lost is an indicator that you’re going about this whole color walk thing right.

So in conclusion the purpose of the exercise is for you to observe just how much any aspect you single out can pop out at you. For example, you could do a color walk in which you only focus on one color, or even more specifically, one shade of color. On the other hand, you could choose to simply follow the trail of colors which capture your eyes the most. Either way, the exercise begins to show you just how your brain filters out information based on a premeditated thought or idea. If you apply this idea to other task in life in which you have to comb through information for specific details, it acts as a helpful skill. On the other hand, having a sort of filter when gathering information in anyway can sometimes be a handicap beacause it can prevent you from having a wider range of viewpoints to observe from. However these type of connections and speculations are not discussed within Bennin and McMullan’s article and take away from it a bit. Other than that, the article serves as a good introduction to the concept of the color walk.

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