Discussing My Online Identity

For most people my age, an online identity would encompass a number of different websites, pictures and/or articles that where either written by or about the individual. In my specific case, my online identity comes up as nothing more then a few spare social media pages with outdated or minimal personal information. Click on to the images section of google search and you will find that out of the many random photos that appear on the first page, only one of them is a picture of me (ironically, it’s my google account profile picture). However, another image caught my attention; right next to the only actual image of me, was a picture of a twitter egg, which is the profile pic assigned to every new twitter account that is made before the user chooses a new profile picture. I gave some thought and decided that this twitter egg basically sums up my online identity pretty well. Especially in regards to my twitter account which I haven’t used since i made it, all my social media that appears on that results page makes it look like I’ve barely use social media, and that im rather uninterested in sharing my life with the internet. And to a certain extent that is true, i do indeed value my privacy and the fact that not just any random stranger can piece together who i really am just from a simple google search. The things is, I’ve left behind most of the social media platforms that require a lot of personal exposure and little space for privacy. I actually do use social media quite a bit, but these platforms that i use, such as SnapChat and Instagram, are platforms that allow me to have more control over who sees my info and what i share. Another interesting platform that popped up that i wasn’t expecting to see in the results page was my Flipboard account. I clicked on the link and it took me to all the articles i had saved in one of three categories: Favorites, Read Later, and Works Cited. The “Works Cited” section made me smile a bit because it made me remember the whole reason why i created that one section (Favorites and Read Later where already included when i made the account). I have a number of opinions about the topics that interest me and i am always up to discuss them, however, i prefer to do that sort of thing in person or at the least, in a private message forum, not a comments section. And so i created that section and saved articles in that section to help back myself up with actual facts and sources if i every discussed something polarizing with anybody else, and they wanted to see where i got my information from. In my opinion, my Flipboard profile would actually contain more clues as to who i am as a person, then even my own Facebook account could let on.

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