Forsyth-Walton Building

The Forsyth-Walton Building caught my eye because it is almost hidden within all the more modern skyscrapers of Atlanta. It gives a glance at what old Atlanta structures were like, lower to the ground with two floors, retail shops at the bottom with office space on top, or perhaps a living space. I knew the building had some age, but it came to my surprise when I found out it was constructed in 1900. It was revamped in 1936, adding an Art Deco façade to its exterior. Other than this, I couldn’t find much else about the building other than it being under threat of demolition temporarily but found to be under no threat.

Passing by the building gives the sense that it had a lot of character, maybe because it was so different from the rest. The Farlie-Poplar historic district has many buildings from different periods and many from the same. Many buildings had a similar feel, and the area seemed surprisingly quiet and almost peaceful. The area is somewhat of a tiny reflection of Atlanta’s past. It’s like a little collage of different time periods.

Investigating this area gave me a lot of enjoyment because it isn’t an area I would have thought to explore. Except when we were on our last walking tour, I saw the Forsyth-Walton Building. It made me curious about what other types of buildings like it are hidden within plain sight. Especially with a growing city like Atlanta, it makes me want to find more since it could possibly be the last time, considering Atlanta’s trend regarding historic areas. I plan to explore this area and search for other parts of Atlanta with historic buildings. Plus, having a little walk is always super friendly and refreshing.