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Georgia State University’s Summer Program in Human Rights in Argentina is an exciting 3 week examination of Argentina’s transition from dictatorship to democracy after undergoing the most traumatic period in its history: the military dictatorship in which 30,000 people were abducted, tortured, and killed in secret detention places. Students spend the first 10 days in the city of Cordoba (the second largest city in Argentina), which in the 1970s was one of the major sites where thousands disappeared and gross violations of human rights took place. Students engage in lectures from professors, as well as by human rights activists and other persons familiar with the topic. Afternoon visits and field trips relevant to the program include a visit to the Cabildo (the old City Hall building), which housed the D2 Police Intelligence Unit and La Perla former concentration camp. Some afternoons, as well as one full weekend will be spent visiting tourist sites in the area, such as the city of Alta Gracia with Che Guevara’s house and museum, and the colonial Jesuit Estancias. The last week of the program is spent in Buenos Aires (the capital and largest city in Argentina), where students visit offices of human rights organizations, such as the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, former secret detention centers the ESMA and El Atletico, and the Parque de la Memoria memorial wall and sculpture garden.

Contact Program Director, Gabriel Kuperminc, to learn more: gkuperminc@gsu.edu

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