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The person I “interviewed” was John Krasinski, an actor most commonly known as Jim from The Office. Krasinski was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and began acting in middle school as Daddy Warbucks in Annie the musical. He later went on to graduate from Brown University in 2001 and subsequently returned to give a commencement speech to the graduating class of 2019.

In the speech, Krasinski discussed the power of “lean[ing] all the way in” (Krasinski). Although he initially brings this up when talking about his time as a part of a sketch comedy group at Brown, he insists that this principle can be applied as a student, as well as in all aspects of life. Krasinski even believes that “it was without a doubt the beginning. For the next four years, I wanted to be a part of it all” (Krasinski). This philosophy led to his success not only in the classroom but also socially. In a society where students are getting more and more burnt out, it is necessary to find the drive to put energy towards education. We must lean all the way in.

Krasinski also discusses how he “failed and took more chances” (Krasinski). This is another key lesson to learn as a student. Everyone is going to fail a test or get a bad grade on an assignment at one point. It is imperative to learn from these mistakes and apply the new knowledge from one task to the next. Although, perhaps the most meaningful idea Krasinski learned as a student is finding a sense of community. What I mean by this is that Krasinski believed that his education came from his peers as well. As a student nowadays, I am confident that a good portion of my peers only sees school as a means of taking in knowledge. They forget about how school allows us to find ourselves as people. I didn’t even realize the dual nature of school until I heard this part of Krasinski’s speech. But I now understand that Krasinski is absolutely right; we must stop seeing school as boring lectures and start seeing it as a way to grow as people and make connections with others.

All of the ideas Krasinski talks about connect to Dr. Chew’s video called “Developing a Mindset for Successful Learning.” Primarily, Krasinski’s main point of leaning all the way in connects to Dr. Chew’s first principle, “your level of understanding is a direct result of how hard you prepare” (Chew). If you don’t “lean all the way in” (Krasinski) and put all your effort into preparing for class, it is difficult to succeed. Dr. Chew’s ninth principle, “improvement involves dealing with challenges, difficulty, and uncertainty” (Chew) connects to Krasinski’s belief that you have to fail and learn from these mistakes. Both ideas are paramount in being successful both in and out of the classroom.

Having read and watched Krasinski’s speech, I now have a new outlook on what it means to be a student. I plan to use Krasinski’s ideas in my learning and hope to improve my abilities as a student. I urge everyone to think about the positive impact these ideas can have on your academic self.



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4 thoughts on “John Krasinski Academic Profile

  1. Wow, this has to be the coolest! It really interests me that his personality is much like his character in Tom Clancys, “Jack Ryan”. He uses all the same factors to identify who the bad guys are and how to infiltrate them in the series. I will definitely look up his speech so I can be even more inspired by his thoughts on ways to be superior at success.

    • It’s really cool that you were able to connect this to one of your personal interests! I personally haven’t seen “Jack Ryan” but it is cool to know that there is a connection between John Krasinski and his movie personas.

  2. I loved reading this academic profile considering I am a big fan of “The Office”. A lot of the time, I view school as just a place where I learn from my teachers, but after reading this essay I realized that it is important to form a good bond with our peers because helps ourselves grow and learn from others and their experiences. It’s a bit harder to meet and interact with our peersnow that there is a pandemic, but hopefully that will change soon!

  3. Hello classmate,

    Due to my undying love for the Office, I had to respond to this one. I really enjoyed your academic profile on John K. Mentioning John’s commencement speech was a great touch. Your academic profile was introspective and inspiring, great job!

    I really like your emphasis on using college as an opportunity to grow and make connections. I found this interesting, it’s mentioned fairly often by professors, academic advisors, former students, etc. Why do you feel that making those connections is so important? In what ways do you think college can help us “grow”?