Manasvi Gaddam: Academic Profile

A driven, flexible, and innovative student with determination and passion describes the academic profile of Manasvi Gaddam. Being a high school dual enrollment senior during a pandemic has had it’s challenges for Manasvi, but she is determined to position herself into the lifestyle she desires. 

Born in Illinois, moving to Georgia at the age of 2, attending a private school, charter school, and then 2 public schools, life always moves pretty fast for Manasvi. Between studying, dancing, and a close bond with her family, Manasvi is able to balance a busy schedule and still give her best effort with anything thrown towards her. She started dual enrollment at the beginning of her senior year this year. Starting with a Government class last semester and now an English class this semester, she is set on starting college to take some steps closer to her dream career.

With her ability to adapt fast, achieve many goals, and have different perspectives of situations, she has earned a spot at Georgia Tech for her freshman year of college. As a hands-on learner, Manasvi struggled with being faced with online school during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, through all the struggle and hardships she faced, she still stayed focused on her goals. A source that has helped Manasvi through her online college experience so far is the GSU informational videos that give organization tips, how to communicate with peers and professors, and how to tackle online school. Her first goal was to get into a college, which she achieved. Now, she is ready to tackle college and is ready to grow into the person she was born to be. 

Life has many paths set for Manasvi and with all of these paths presented, she is willing to get into the world as quickly as she can. She will be attending Georgia Tech in the fall and plans to be a computer science major. Along with her life always moving pretty fast, Manasvi is currently taking as many AP classes and dual enrollment classes as possible so she can go through college with a breeze. After graduating college early, Manasvi has many paths she could decide to take. She could go on to law school and become a patent lawyer or continue her path with computer science and dive into machine learning for a master’s in Artificial Intelligence. 

Whatever path Manasvi decides to follow in her future, she will excel and continue to stay driven, flexible, and innovative. With these academic standards she has set for herself, you can plan to see her take on a patent law position, step into the world of computer science, or even a part of an Artificial Intelligence team. You can also plan to see Manasvi travel the world she has dreamed to see and start to have many connections with people outside of her close-knit circle of family and friends. She is comfortable in her close-knit circle, but she is ready to become the person she has set for herself and create her own life experience. The future for Manasvi is bright, with many high standards and a passionate attitude, nothing will hold her back from exceeding her own expectations.


Gaddam, Manasvi. Interview. Conducted by Emma-Leigh Barfield.

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5 thoughts on “Manasvi Gaddam: Academic Profile

  1. Hi Emma-Leigh! Thank you for writing such an in depth look into Manasvi’s academic self. I felt like I really got to know her through reading this. She has experienced so many different kinds of education from charter school to public school to dual enrollment. I bet all of that variety and challenges really formed a three dimensional academic self!

    • Hi, thank you for your feedback about my blog post. I really enjoyed talking to Manasvi and turns out we have the same interests (we both love Marvel, that’s the biggest one). She is very inspiring and I can’t wait to see what she does.

  2. I really enjoyed your academic profile on Mansavi Gaddam! It really gave me a good understanding of her since we’re not in person. You did a good job of pointing out that her life is moving very fast. From moving from Illinois to GA at a young age. Then going to a number of different school growing. Being a dual enrollment senior is hard, I would know being that I am one. I feel like she’s going to accomplish some really incredible things!

  3. I really like your academic profile on Mansavi i felt like I really got to know her through reading this. from moving from Illinois to ga Then to know that she has different kinds of education from charter school to public school to dual enrollment is really nice and i feel that she is going to do amazing things.

  4. Hi, I really enjoyed reading your profile on Mansavi. It seems like you really took the time to get to know her. Struggling with online school is definitely something that I can relate to! It seems that she is very a driven and hard working student as she plans to graduate college early.