Caitlyn Eukre Academic Profile

 I wrote this essay based on emails and text interviews about Caitlyn’s academic self. I had questionnaires on her educational background, pathway, and ultimate career goal.
 Caitlyn took an economics class last summer, and this is her first year as a dual enrollment student. Even though she had a hard time in the registration process, she is enjoying her first dual enrollment year. Caitlyn is currently attending 11th grade at Morrow magnet school. She chooses Morrow because the school has an excellent program in a healthcare pathway and AP-oriented classes. She found herself would be unstressed in going to her home school, which is North Clayton, but they didn’t have all the academic resources to help her achieve her goal. That’s the reason she went to a magnet school. Yet, they had a great healthcare program with a clinic. She wanted a rigorous and more competitive academic curriculum, hence her decision to participate in the Morrow magnet program. Her ultimate career goal is emergency room physician with a sub-specialty in cardiology.
 Caitlyn picks three words of her academic self, which are impatient, independent, hard-working. She considers those are the three key factors that will lead her to success and keep her motivated. She told me the first word impatient refers to her personality. She describes herself as “hot-headed” what she meant by that is when there is a conflict, she thinks the best way to solve it is to jump in and take action. When this happens, she does not wait. Instead, she is trying to solve it right away. I can relate it to her favorite reading, which is “Some people are just born writers” by Jill Parrot. It says, “Good writing instruction can only occur if the person believes they can be a good writer.” She firmly believes that what happens around her can be solved on her own. This is the reason why she likes online learning. It would seem that online learning is suitable for her because she is making an effort something that she wants to achieve. Lastly, she has been a hard-working student. Not only that, her mother gives her all the advice she needs to find what she wants to be when growing up, helping her pursue her dreams come true, and advising her to make a better choice. Caitlyn’s mother is her mentor, who has three degrees in different fields. It motivates her to get a good grade. Since she was a child, she vaguely wanted to work in the healthcare field, she recently specified it.

 I have seen taking online classes frustrates many students. Caitlyn is not one of them. She prefers taking online courses, and she is doing great. Those who think, “Maybe someday, I’ll go to school and get my degree, but I have to work now do not have time to go to school” How about overcoming all the barriers and going to school now? It is later than you think.


Caitlyn Eukre Academic Self interview 2021
Some people are just born good writers by Jill Parrot

3 thoughts on “Caitlyn Eukre Academic Profile

  1. Hey,

    Very well written, the portrayal of Caitlyn’s academic self is apt and fascinating. Her interest in healthcare and her career goals are nicely acknowledged. Mentioning about Caitlyn’s mother as her role model tells us about the lovely relationship Caitlyn has with her mother. Great work overall.

    Thank you.

  2. Great profile! Your question at the end really got me thinking. So many people I know have dropped out of college or haven’t gone because they are so focused on making quick money, and most end up regretting it in the long run. With this pandemic it is ten times easier to get into a college than it was before: I was able to get into the dual enrollment program without taking the SAT, before I would have had to. So I think now is the time to go to school, most people are still stuck at home and getting money from unemployment and stimulus. Who knows when another opportunity like this will be available.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this profile! I am a dual enrollment student as well. That’s really cool that Caitlyn is interested in healthcare. My high school offers a healthcare pathway that I found to be one of the classes I was most excited to take. I feel like I relate to many things that you mentioned about Caitlyn.