What Does It Mean?

3.) “Architectural regulation is powerful in part because it is unseen’ it allows government to shape our actions without our perceiving that our experience has been deliberately shaped” (1940)

  • The reason that architectural exclusion is powerful is because the government is able to control our actions without us being aware that they are doing it.

7.)”…’there is no such thing as a neutral design” (1948)

  • Every design is made a certain way for a reason

18.) “..the design of many suburban communities, with their cul-de-sacs and curvy streets, makes them confusing to outsiders who can not see what lies on the other side of the neighborhood. This street layout also gives non-residents fewer reasons to enter the neighborhood in the first place; the multiple dead end streets and cul-de-sacs of a suburban neighborhood often all branch off a single arterial road” (1972).

  • The design of cul-de-sacs are used to hide was is the other side of the neighborhood from non-residents and with the purpose of discouraging them from entering by making the streets in it confusing and complicated.