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Analyzing the Usefulness of a Website for Eng. 1102- Class Notes 2/11/16

Authors Research team
Purpose To compose convincing analysis of the built environment of Atlanta

  1. Gather evidence
    • Primary Research
    • Secondary Research

Things to look at when setting up your blog and creating posts:

image comes from:

image comes from:

  1. Scholarly posts (Linguistic)
    • Tone – higher b/c (Specific)
    • Cites sources (correctly)
    • Quotations + paraphrase
    • Specificity- titles , tags***
    • Fonts (posts and entire site)
  2. Visuals
    • Relevance/ Appropriate
    • Cited & labeled
    • Links
    • Where they are in the post?(spatial)
    • Expression?
      • Who is the audience?
        1. Is the theme appropriate for type of people viewing the site?
  3. Sound/Video
    • Makes the site more interesting to viewers


“Ethics of Collecting Sources and Assets”- Things to Think About When Doing Research

      1. Copyright Copyright_symbol_9
        1. pay attention to the copy rights because of the background info of the source.
        2. Make sure you cite your sources
      2. Fair-use
        1. Not taking everything from the source
        2. Using the source for the purpose of gaining information
      3. Permission
        1. Make sure you can use the source
          1. Contact the person that has provided the source to make sure you can use it
        2. Taking pictures of people
          1. Make sure you have their consent
      4. Creative Commons


        1. Non-profit organization that gives authors control over how their work is used
        2. It also lets you license your own work after you have completed a project

Source: Arola, Kristin L., Cheryl E. Ball, and Jennifer Sheppard. Writer/designer: A guide to making multi-modal projects. Macmillan Higher Education, 2014.


BY: Destiny, Nancy, and Shakira

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