Presentation Day!

Wednesday was our last day visiting the Institute of Collective Health (ISC). Students gave group presentations on the following topics: Genesis of Collective Health, The Brazilian Health System and Collective Health, Research in Collective Health (Leptospirosis), Practice in Collective Health (Bolsa Familia Program). Two students gave individual presentations for independent projects that they were working on. One of the students analyzed the difference in the critical race praxis framework between the U.S. and Brazil. The other student presented on the urban health index methodology developed by U.S. researchers and showed how it was being applied in research studies throughout Brazil. Everyone’s presentations were well received by the visiting staff and student. Each group did an amazing job recapping some aspect of Collective Health. To tie it all together, we had practical discussions about how Collective Health differs from Public Health. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have learned from the professors and students at ISC, our professors from GSU, and my classmates. Based on everyone’s presentations, I think it’s safe to say that we will return to the U.S. knowing far more about Collective Health than we knew before coming to Brazil! 🙂 

After the presentations, we were served lunch and we took the time to show our gratitude for having us at the institute. It was more bitter than sweet that the presentations were done because it meant our time there was coming to an end. 🙁 I really enjoyed learning about collective health and the research projects that were happening at ISC and am glad that the staff and students took time to speak to us. It’s been a pleasure!!